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Anonymous: Good books to take on holidays?

oh wow I’ve literally had no time to read books for fun this year but snowing in bali is a favourite of mine, also Hotel K: The Shocking Inside Story of Bali’s Most Notorious Jail

Anonymous: Heya so I got invited to a party and it will be my first party but the thing is I'm working the next day and I don't know if my parents will let me go, what should I do?

ask them? say you’ll be responsible and all of that


I hate all boys and I want maccas

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Anonymous: omg you've had glandular right?? How annoying is it when you are silently and constantly suffering such fatigue and people complain about how tired they are from their small hits of tiredness does it make you want to scream Because it makes me want to scream welcome to my life ah sorry thought u might get it maybe

ayyye yeah absolutely horrible! even worse when they’re like ‘can’t you just put your head on the desk for a bit and sleep? like are you really THAT tired that you need to go home??’ makes my blood boil

Anonymous: What's your opinion on legalising marijuana, for recreational use? And for medical use?

no motivation to answer this question properly 

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Anonymous: i swear i ask you this every new season ahah but what are some essentials (clothes wise) for summer this year? xxxxxx

loose dresses/jumpsuits, cami/swing tops, shorts either denim or other fabrics idk just real simple things, this is all I pretty much wear in summer haha

channelyouth: just followed youu on insta! great blog xx

you’re a gem! xxxx


remember u don’t need a high atar to marry rich

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